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Please take a few minutes of your time to read the F.A.Q. below, because, most likely, they will clarify any doubt you may have.
If there's anything else that you want to know and didn't saw answered on the F.A.Q., please don't hesitate to contact us.



What will I get from the TRIAL NON-RECURRING 1 month membership?
This membership allows you to download 5 videos FOR FREE.
This membership will NOT be renewed automatically so, on the respective expiry date, you'll lose access to the MEMBERS AREA and therefore you'll lose, for good, all credits that you still may have when your membership expires.

What will I get from the ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING memberships?
ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING memberships allows you to download ALL videos FOR FREE!!!
1) ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING memberships will be automatically renewed until you ask for cancellation.
2) They have to be renewed at least once, which means that they can only be cancelled AFTER the first renewal.
3) In addition to any legal measures considered adequate, APL reserves the right to refuse future subscriptions of ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING memberships to any member who misbehaved in any way when he had any type of RECURRING membership in the past.

I already have a membership, but is not an ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership. Can I upgrade it to an ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership?
Yes you can and you should! Please contact us so that we can discuss your upgrade.

When will my ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership be renewed?
Your ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership will be renewed every month, every month, every 3 months or every 12 months after the day on which you'll subscribe, obviously depending on the duration of the ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership that you subscribed (1, 3 or 12 months).
Please note that there may be little differences (up to 3 days before or after each renewal date) due to the following situations that prevent the renewal to take place on that exact date: vacations, holydays, weekends, etc. Anyhow rest assured that those little differences on the renewal dates in don't affect the amount charged nor the expiry date of your next membership's period.

Which price will I be charged on each renewal of my ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership?
On each renewal date, you'll be charged the regular price, without discounts, of the membership that you subscribed.
You can see that price on the ORDER FORM.
In other words: even if you have subscribed an ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership using a PROMO price, that price was only valid for the initial period of your membership.

I want to send you a new credit card to renew my ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership. How can I do it in a secure way?
Please use our MANUAL ORDER FORM to send your new credit card details. Our manual order form has exactly the same security level than any of our other automatic order forms (GeoTrust SSL 2048 bits technology: Strong encryption).
On our MANUAL ORDER FORM, please use the field MY ORDER IS to write:
New credit card to renew my membership whose USERNAME is APLXXXXX (naturally you'll replace the X by the numbers of your USERNAME)
After receiving your credit card details, we'll send you a confirmation that we received it. Then we'll update our files with your new credit card and we'll use it for the future renewals of your membership.

Do I get instant access to the Members Area?
Yes, you do. No matter what time of the day (office working hours, nights, etc) or what day of the week (week days, weekends, holidays, etc) that you'll subscribe your membership, you'll get instant access, provided of course that your Bank approves the transaction on your credit card, because the secure order system is fully automatic and made on real time.
After subscribing, you'll immediately receive on your computer screen an order confirmation with your access codes (USERNAME and PASSWORD), instructions on how to use them, etc.
Instants later you'll receive an e-mail with the same order confirmation on the e-mail address that you provided when you filled the subscription. Please make sure that you write your e-mail address absolutely correct on the ORDER FORM, otherwise you'll not receive our e-mail.

How many new videos do you release each month?
We release 10 new videos each month. No one releases as many videos as we do!

What shall I do if I lose my access codes?
Contact us and, after we receive from you a positive identification of you as our Member, we'll send you an e-mail with your access codes (USERNAME and PASSWORD) asap.

When will I lose access to the Members Area?
After subscribing an ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING membership, that is automatically renewed, you'll never lose access to the Members Area, unless of course you'll ask for cancellation or we aren't able to renew your membership.
If you subscribe a NON-RECURRING TRIAL 1 month membership, you'll lose access to the Members Area on the day on which your membership expires.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you'll lose access to the Members Area, you'll lose access, for good, to all the credits that you may still have when your membership expires.

How do I cancel my recurring membership?
Contact us and give us your access codes (USERNAME and PASSWORD). Please note that you have to cancel your membership until, at least, 5 days before the next renewal date. These days are the minimum required by the cancelation process system. If you don't ask for cancellation until then, your membership will be renewed on that renewal date and will be cancelled on the following renewal date. We'll send you an e-mail, as soon as we process your request of cancellation.
Important note:
If you have more than one recurring membership, then you need to send us a separate request of cancellation for each membership, with the codes of each membership that you want to terminate on each separate request.

Is it possible to use the credits from my membership to purchase matches from the UNEDITED SHOOTS page?
No, it is not, but we have very good news for you:
You can buy the UNEDITED SHOOTS with 60% discount. All you have to do is access the Members Area with your access codes and then click on the link that says UNEDITED SHOOTS and you'll be taken to a page to members only, on which the prices have 60% discount.

Can I share my access codes to the Members Area with anyone else?
Absolutely NOT! Your Member codes are for your exclusive personal use. Any violation of this principle will cause immediate cancellation of your Member codes, without refund, and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Is there a way to know which videos have I already downloaded and also those that I already selected but haven't downloaded yet, to avoid duplicated downloads?
Yes there is. By clicking on the yellow link Videos history that you'll see on the top of each page on our Members Area, below the main links menu, you'll be directed to a page that shows the videos that you already selected but haven't downloaded yet as well as those that you already effectively downloaded.
Important note: If you cancel your recurring membership, you'll obviously lose your previous membership history. This is another good reason not to keep canceling and rejoining time and time again.

If I make a mistake on selecting a video or if simply I no longer want that video, is there a way to delete that selection BEFORE starting to download it?
Yes there is, but please note that you have to delete that selection BEFORE starting to download it. By clicking on the yellow link Videos history that you'll see on the top of each page on our Members Area, below the main links menu, you'll be directed to a page that shows the videos that you already selected but haven't downloaded yet. On the right of each item, you'll find the word REMOVE that you can use to delete that item not yet downloaded and receive back into your membership the respective credits.
To prevent frauds, the system DOESN'T allow you delete the selection of a video that is already on the process of downloading or that was already downloaded. Therefore, you'll have to cancel the download and then, after some time, the system will allow you to remove the selection and receive the credits back.

What if I make a mistake and effectively download the same video twice?
In that case there's nothing you or us can do, because after downloading an item there is no longer a REMOVE button associated with it. After downloading it, we already paid our Internet suppliers for your use of Internet traffic and bandwidth. In such a case we can't offer you back what we already paid for.

If there's anything else that you want to know and that you didn't saw answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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